Italy, 15-16 November 2018: the last Study visit of the project was held in Padua. AGENFOR together with the Italian Ministry of Justice (MOJ IT) organized the event.

The last study visit of the Project MINDb4ACT took place in Padua, on Thursday 15 and Friday 16 of November 2018. The visit was focused on the context of prison, analyzing the Italian model to prevent and counter radicalization in prison. A 5-people Delegation from MINDb4ACT participated, together with the organizers Agenfor, the Italian Ministry of Justice and some other participants from the two european projects “Training Aid” and “Derad“.

The first day was entirely dedicated at visiting the maleprison of Padua “Due Palazzi”. Participants had the chance to enter in the prison and have a tour in all common areas, where rehabilitation programs take place. Among the initiatives that belong to the Italian model of reintegration and contrast to radicalization, particularly remarkable are: the University Branch, the laboratory area and the editoral office.

In the prison of Padua, inmates can enroll to University and live in a specific University branch where they have access to a tutor and free scholar books. In addition, the prison has partnership with some social cooperatives that opened their own laboratories within the prison, giving the opportunity to 145 inmats to employ in within. Finally, the prison includes a library and an editorial staff of 30 inmates, in charge of editing the newspaper “Ristretti Orizzonti”, known at national level.

Throughout the entire visit, the Delegation was accompained by some of the prison staff, the Director of the Prison and the Head of Triveneto Penitentiary System, Dr. Enrico Sbriglia. The Delegation had also the opportunity to talk with some inmates, who confirmed the positive effectes of experiencing a prison system based on restorative justice.

The second day of the MINDb4ACT study visit was combined with the final event of the two projects on prevention of radicalization headed by Agenfor, “Training Aid” and “Derad.” For the occasion, two high-level panels were organised in the Italian village of San Vito al Tagliamento, in the Italian region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. The one-day conference titled “Prevention, repression, rehabilitation: a judicial perspective“, debated three main issues: the Italian judicial system approach to prevent radicalization,the nexus among terrorism and organised crime and the phenomenon of radicalization among minors. Panellists came from different backgrounds and countries, enterin into a serious debate on key issues such as rehabilitation programs and the treatment of radicalized inmates inside and outside prison.

The study visit was declared a success by the organizers, who said that the two-day event provided “strategic cues to the team to elaborate more in depth the issue of mediation and restorative justice as a function of programs to combat radicalization”.