Avenue de Cortenbergh 168, 1000, Bruxelles
Brussels, 26 September 2018: the European Organization for Security (EOS) organizes a workshop on how to use social media in public security practices. The event, free of charge, is opened to law enforcement agencies and security planners.

A workshop on the use of social media in the security sector, its challenges and opportunities will be held at the Federation of Enterprises, in Brussels on the 26th of September 2018, Wednesday. The event is organized by European Organization for Security (EOS) within the context of MEDI@SEC, an EU-funded project, aimed to implement a series of communication and dissemination activities to better understand the usage of social media for public security purposes.

Social media plays an emerging role in fighting crime and enhancing public security. In day-to-day policing, social media and social platforms are used as hubs for information sharing about certain incidents, criminal acts and suspects between citizens and Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs), improving their capabilities to detect crime. At the same time, however, criminals use social media and the web as strategic tools to commit crimes, hide and reach a wider audience.

All this presents great challenges and good opportunities. The biggest challenge to face by LEAs is to find a balance between monitoring, individual freedoms and the need to fight crime. How to do so? This workshop will try to answer to this question, debating on several issues such as: the use of virtual and augmented reality in security, the need of training and education towards authorities, legal and ethical issues araising with the advanced usage of social media.

All this with the aim of creating a common vision and agenda for the technological future of policing through the usage of innovation in social media. LEAs and other public security providers will, indeed, have the opportunity to engage and share views with solutions providers, social network representatives, end-users and entrepreneurs.

In parallel to the workshop on Innovative Market Solutions, MEDI@4SEC is hosting an Industry Day, for solution providers and ongoing European funded projects to showcase their solutions and prototypes.

Participation at the event is free of charge but limited. Interested parties may apply for a place by completing the registration form. For further details please contact klaudia.tani@eos-eu.com