A guide edited by the expert Jordi Colobrans explaining the methodology of Living Labs and how to apply it to the security sector.

This document explains what Living Labs are: the concept, their nature and varieties, the process of development, their uses and methodologies as well as other pertinent aspects for the creation of specific living labs to carry out pilot programmes within the MINDb4ACT project.

This guide, edited by the expert Jordi Colobrans, was created to enable MINDb4ACT partners to apply the Living Lab methodology to the 17 pilot projects that will be carried out in nine European countries (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Poland, Spain, United Kingdom) throughout the project’s life span. Pilot projects concerns innovative and ethical interventions (early detection, prevention/mitigation, and de-radicalization of violent extremism) in four key domains: prisons and judiciary system, schools and learning centers, local initiatives (cities and immigration hotspots), and the Internet and media.