The project

Through the Living Lab framework, MINDb4ACT will collectively reassess individual, local, national, and multi-national approaches towards the comprehension, identification and prevention of violent radicalisation.

This project will contribute to shape an international community of security experts and first-line professionals in order to meet the challenges and vulnerabilities of a globalised European and international society.


Understand the process of radicalization and recruiting methods in different contexts and dimensions.
Identify how experts, decision makers and first-line practitioners are framing the problem.
Build an international community of practice for sharing know-how among all stakeholders.
Use technology-based solutions (Big Data, Virtual reality) for analysis, prevention and counter-radicalization
Develop training and capacity building activities based on empirical evidences for end-users.

News & Documents


Madrid raises its hands against hate crime

A three-day workshop on hate crime and fight against racism was organized by the Municipal Police of Madrid at the Center of Integrated…


Study Visit: Danish approach to preventing extremism and radicalization

Denmark, 29-30 May 2018: The first Study visit in the context of the MINDb4ACT project was held in Copenaghen. DIIS organized the visit,…


Polish Platform for Homeland Security presents MINDb4ACT to local partners

On Wednesday, 23 May 2018 MINDb4ACT was presented during the meeting of the project “Threats observatory to young people”, held in the…


Gender approach in European counter-radicalization strategies: why, what and how to make it?

Having a gender-sensitive approach is what European Union needs to make a step forward in countering radicalization. The expert in gender…


Why is gender relevant for counter-terrorism and radicalization and what we are doing wrong

Nowadays, a sustained and systematic gender perspective on terrorism and anti-radicalization is crucial. However, misconceptions about the…


The MINDb4ACT First Plenary Conference took place in Vienna

The First Plenary Conference of the MINDb4ACT project took place in Vienna on April 2018. During the two-day reunion, all partners had the…