The project

Through the Living Lab framework, MINDb4ACT will collectively reassess individual, local, national, and multi-national approaches towards the comprehension, identification and prevention of violent radicalisation.

This project will contribute to shape an international community of security experts and first-line professionals in order to meet the challenges and vulnerabilities of a globalised European and international society.


Understand the process of radicalization and recruiting methods in different contexts and dimensions.
Identify how experts, decision makers and first-line practitioners are framing the problem.
Build an international community of practice for sharing know-how among all stakeholders.
Use technology-based solutions (Big Data, Virtual reality) for analysis, prevention and counter-radicalization
Develop training and capacity building activities based on empirical evidences for end-users.

News & Documents

Yihadismo y yihadistas en España. Quince años después del 11-M. Reinares, García-Calvo & Vicente. Elcano Royal Institute


Fifteen years since the Atocha train bombings: looking to the future

How did the characteristics of the jihadists change from the 11 Madrid bombing to Catalonia's attacks and beyond? An overview of the…


Collaboration among police, prison, probation and prosecution: an asset for the investigation of violent extremism and terrorist offenders

This article summarises some key concepts of one of the last paper published by RAN, titled “Dealing with violent extremist and terrorist…


Living Lab Guide

A guide edited by the expert Jordi Colobrans explaining the methodology of Living Labs and how to apply it to the security sector.


Launch of Living Labs in Italy

The first two Living Labs took place in Italy. Our italian consortium partners the Minsitry of Justice in Italy - Triveneto Region and the…


US-EU Study Visit in Belgium

On Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st of March 2019, a study visit on P/CVE in United States and its relations with the European approach…


Entering the second year of the project: the consortium met in Brussels

The First Steering Committee of the MINDb4ACT project took place in Brussels on January 2019. During the meeting, the goal and key elements…